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For 23 years, designer and craftsman Paolo Baretta has been creating unique statement pieces and functional collections.


His passion for using locally sourced, quality materials led to the establishment of Things of Metal and Wood.


As a Sunshine Coast family business, the Baretta’s have a passion for locally made pieces and their Maroochydore showroom is filled with a blend of unique homewares sourced from near and far that will add a touch of style to any space.

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Custom Furniture Orders


Custom orders is what we do @ Things of Metal and Wood. Using locally sourced materials we can create a piece that is unique for you. All pieces are lovingly crafted in our Maroochydore workshop which adjoins a Showroom you may otherwise expect to find in the streets of Melbourne. The production time can vary depending on the materials selected for your piece, unless otherwise discussed we have a lead time of 3-6 weeks.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 04070 11772 or email us at or even better pop into our beautiful Showroom @ 45 Wises Rd, Marochydore, QLD 4558

We would love to talk design with you.

Caring for Your Furniture


Timber Care


Your Things of Metal and Wood furniture requires some ongoing care and maintenance to encourage its longevity, and keep it looking good. The frequency of maintenance will vary according to your personal requirements and the environment in which the products are placed. Furniture placed in coastal areas requires special attention and regular maintenance. Exposure to sea air environments may accelerate deterioration to a product’s finish, regular and frequent cleaning outdoor furniture is highly recommended.  Where possible avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight or in front of a Fireplace. With Outdoor Furniture we recommend a Satin Finish on your timber for better protection.



Being a natural material, timber may change colour, split, crack or bow due to humidity levels and changes in air temperature, this should be expected and is not considered a fault or flaw and will not compromise the structural integrity of your furniture.

Left outdoors in the elements, timber undergoes a natural process of oxidation that affects its colour, this can turn the timber a yellow or greyish colour. The hotter the climate and the greater the exposure to the sun, the more often the timber will need to be re-finished. Timber Furniture should never be completely exposed to the elements.


To restore the original appearance of timber, lightly sand all over and apply the recommended finish per manufacturers instructions, or we are happy to assist with this.


Powder Coating Care


Wash regularly with warm soapy water and mild detergent using a soft cloth (in mild environments every 6 months. For commercial, industrial or marine environments we would recommend monthly maintenance. Always rinse well with water, to remove any remaining detergent.


Avoid steam cleaning, abrasive cleansers, steel brushes/wools and cleaners containing chlorine. Avoid scratching the surface by dry dusting. Do not allow dirt or bird droppings to accumulate, dry out and harden. Avoid the use strong solvents to clean powder-coated surfaces. Dull surfaces can be buffed using car polish and a clean,dry cloth.

Terms & Conditions



All  pieces are made to order and require a 50% deposit before work can commence. The remaining balance is due on completion of the order, and will not be released until final payment has been received. Should a order be cancelled after work on your piece has commenced, Things of metal and Wood reserves the right to withhold the deposit to cover cost of materials.


If alterations need to be made after work has commenced additional charges may apply. Please notify us ASAP if changes need to be made.


Returns, Exchanges & Warranty


We know you will love your Custom Made piece from Things of Metal and Wood. All Timber components of our furniture is covered by the terms and conditions of the limited 1 Year warranty. Pick-up and delivery is not included in this warranty. Please be mindful that timber requires care and maintenance and in the climate that we live in, you must expect to maintain your piece of furniture as instructed.


Things of Metal and Wood offer a 3yr manufacturers structural warranty on aluminium and steel furniture frames (ie. cracking of welds). If your piece has a manufacturer’s fault, under the Australian Consumer Law you are entitled to a replacement or refund. Returns or exchanges are not accepted on custom-made pieces if you simply change your mind.


Things of Metal and Wood is not responsible for any damaged caused by the consumer. Scratches, Scuffs and Dents are not covered under warranty once the products leaves the Workshop.

The Warranty covers the cost involved to repair your piece of Furniture but it excludes any Transport costs.


Each piece of furniture is handcrafted in our workshop on site…. Variations in timber should be expected and no two pieces are ever the same. Timber has imperfections and various natural features which are consistent with most species, therefore each individual board is not flawless in look or colour. We will do our best to match timber colour and textures but variations may occur and exact matches cannot be guaranteed. Environmental factors can cause changes or reactions to timber colour and texture, exposure to direct sunlight or wet weather will cause premature deterioration of your product. Do not place your furniture directly under Air conditioning or Heating Vents.



When choosing timber products please remember that timber continues to move, warp and splits or cracks may appear and this should be expected as it responds to the environment. In some cases bowing and displacement of a Table Top may vary from 3mm/6mm, these are not to be considered a fault or flaw and will not compromise the structural integrity of any furniture we make. ..


Powder coat is a decorative finish for indoor and outdoor use. While it assists with metal protection, it is not a corrosion protection in its own right. The powder-coated materials used by Things of Metal and Wood are generally either aluminium or mild steel. The base materials are treated with two levels of pre-protection that guard against corrosion. The products are then powder coated to make the surface resistant and suitable for use in exterior environments.


Minor corrosion spots under table-tops, seats and bases do not affect the structural integrity of the product and are not covered by warranty.


Whilst every care is taken to provide the most suitable finish according to the use and the environment the product will be subjected to, Things of Metal & Wood cannot guarantee this decorative finish against scratching, scuffing, chipping, fading or corrosion and as a result of direct use in harsh seafront locations.


Production Time


Production time for your custom made piece will usually take approximately 4 – 6 weeks (this may vary) from receiving your deposit depending on the availability of materials you choose. Should there be a delay in the above lead time notice will be given as soon as possible.




Any alterations to the order once work has commenced may incur additional charges.




Delivery and/or installation is not included unless stated on your order.


Final Payment


Goods will only be dispatched once final payment has cleared in full.

Custom Made Furniture, handcrafted right here on the Sunshine Coast

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