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Care & Maintenance


Timber Care

Your Things of Metal and Wood furniture requires some ongoing care and maintenance to encourage its longevity, and keep it looking good. The frequency of maintenance will vary according to your personal requirements and the environment in which the products are placed. Furniture placed in coastal areas requires special attention and regular maintenance. Exposure to sea air environments may accelerate deterioration to a product’s finish, regular and frequent cleaning outdoor furniture is highly recommended.  Where possible avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight or in front of a Fireplace. With Outdoor Furniture we recommend a Satin Finish on your timber for better protection.

Being a natural material, timber may change colour, split, crack or bow due to humidity levels and changes in air temperature, this should be expected and is not considered a fault or flaw and will not compromise the structural integrity of your furniture.

Left outdoors in the elements, timber undergoes a natural process of oxidation that affects its colour, this can turn the timber a yellow or greyish colour. The hotter the climate and the greater the exposure to the sun, the more often the timber will need to be re-finished. Timber Furniture should never be completely exposed to the elements.

To restore the original appearance of timber, lightly sand all over and apply the recommended finish per manufacturers instructions, or we are happy to assist with this.


Powder Coating Care 

Wash regularly with warm soapy water and mild detergent using a soft cloth (in mild environments every 6 months. For commercial, industrial or marine environments we would recommend monthly maintenance. Always rinse well with water, to remove any remaining detergent.

Avoid steam cleaning, abrasive cleansers, steel brushes/wools and cleaners containing chlorine. Avoid scratching the surface by dry dusting. Do not allow dirt or bird droppings to accumulate, dry out and harden. Avoid the use strong solvents to clean powder-coated surfaces. Dull surfaces can be buffed using car polish and a clean, dry cloth.